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December SWIFT withdrawal requests

Posted by Kelly Dent on 15 January 2013 06:46 AM

Please see below the recent message from Vahid regarding SWIFT payments:

"We've just been processing author commission withdrawal requests made in Dec. All the PayPal, MoneyBooker and Payoneer payments have been made but unfortunately I missed, by several minutes, the final authorisation for about 150 SWIFT wire transfers. We've checked with the bank and their system does not allow foreign currency transactions to be made after the 16:30 AEST cut off time so we will have to re-enter and authorise these transactions for processing tomorrow.

I'm sorry for the extra delay on these payments. I hope this is not impacting any of you severely.

We've checked how we can enter and authorise these payments ahead of time in the future to ensure that they get processed by the 16:30 AEST deadline so we shouldn’t see this particular problem again.

TL;DR: 150 of the SWIFT wire transfers have been delayed by about 24 hours. I’m sorry—it shouldn't happen again."

Thank you for understanding, any updates will be posted here.

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