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Marketplace Upgrade: 8AM 10 December 2012 AEDT

Posted by Jessica Hooper on 07 December 2012 03:14 AM

The Marketplaces will be upgrading to the latest version of Ruby on Rails at 8:00AM, 10 December 2012 (AEDT). While we're not expecting any significant downtime or interruption to Marketplace services, if you do notice anything unusual or broken we want to hear about it. Follow these steps to report any issues:

1.  Check the notices forum. Our development team will be posting any known issues and news there, to keep you updated. 
2.  If the problem you've spotted isn't being discussed there, shoot us a support ticket. We'll verify the issue, post it to the notices forum and get on to fixing it as soon as possible. 

Thanks everyone. Tally ho!

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