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Hello Marketplace Users!

Posted by Jacob Zinman-Jeanes on 22 February 2012 12:19 AM
Jacob and Jess

Welcome to our brand new Envato Support Center! It contains everything you need to know about using the Envato Marketplaces, selling your files, submitting support tickets and more.

We’re still in the process of migrating all the content over from the old wiki*. Most of the Knowledgebase content should be linked up by now, however if you find any odd pages, broken links, or terrifying Lovecraftian incantations, we’d appreciate it if you would lodge a support ticket letting us know. And notify your nearest exorcist.

Search is still a little wonky. You can, however, find information by navigating through the categories.

Happy browsing,
Jacob and Jess, Knowledgebase content team.

*Update, May 2012:
The content is all moved over and the old wiki is no longer live. 
Bon voyage!

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