Selling Personal Listening Music Off-Site as an AudioJungle Author

All AudioJungle authors, both non-exclusive and exclusive, are permitted to sell personal listening music versions of their AudioJungle music via iTunes® (and other similar personal-use platforms), on an opt-in basis. 

What does ‘personal listening music’ mean?

When we say ‘personal listening music’ we simply mean a piece of audio that customers can purchase for private, personal listening purposes only. It does not involve licensing of any sort, rather the audio is simply purchased and downloaded for the pleasure and purpose of personal listening and enjoyment.

What benefits does this bring me as an Exclusive author?

  • You can continue to sell licenses for other people to use your music right here on AudioJungle. Once your music is on iTunes® for example, and you get a request to license your music, you can quickly and easily direct potential customers back to AudioJungle.
  • You don’t need to create a separate, non-exclusive account for your royalty-free music - you can manage all your content from your primary exclusive account and enjoy your current exclusive rate.
  • Increases your opportunity to strengthen your brand, maximize your audience, and promote the licensing of your music
  • Creates a fairer, level playing field for all our authors, irrespective of exclusivity.

How do I ‘opt-in’?

Simply by uploading/selling a personal listening music version of your music via your selected digital music store. 

Which web sites and services am I allowed to sell my personal listening music on?

Authors may sell their exclusive or non-exclusive music for personal listening use via external services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and similar personal listening platforms. You may work directly with these music platforms to distribute your music for personal listening use, or via appropriate aggregator services that assist with managing and delivering your content to one or more of these platforms.

Please note, some aggregator services such as CD Baby (and others) may offer to register your music with a performing rights organization (PRO) or even sell licenses to your music within their terms of agreement when you sign-up to allow them to distribute your music on your behalf. It is important to understand that:

  • As Envato does not currently accept PRO registered music, you must not opt-in to any PRO services that these aggregators may offer.  
  • If you are an exclusive author, you must not opt-in to any music publishing/licensing services that these aggregators may offer.  
  • You may not use any aggregators that require participation in these additional services.

For example, you may use CD Baby to distribute your music for personal listening via iTunes, but you may not opt-in to the CD Baby PRO or CD Baby Sync Licensing services.

IMPORTANT: Please be very careful about with whom and where you sell your personal listening music and always check the small print.  Failure to do so could potentially break your exclusivity and/or membership agreement with Envato.

If in doubt, or you have a question about a specific personal listening platform or aggregator service, please do not hesitate to contact us via a Support ticket!

Does the personal listening track I sell elsewhere need to be different to the one I sell on AudioJungle?

No, not all! We want to make it as easy as possible for you!

That said however, authors have the option of creating slight variations in the personal listening music they sell elsewhere just so authors can easily identify whether their music is being used/licensed correctly. For example, it’s quite possible for a customer to knowingly or unknowingly purchase a piece of personal listening music from you for $1.99 via iTunes®, and then incorrectly use it in a YouTube video. The subtle musical differences in the track, would help you quickly distinguish when someone is incorrectly using your music without proper licensing.

Do you have any examples to show me how this works?

Great question and yes, we do! Let’s take a look at bestselling AudioJungle author pinkzebra. He currently has two tracks available for licensing on AudioJungle that he is also now selling as personal listening music on iTunes: 

The tracks are virtually the same except that PinkZebra has elected to include some subtle variations in the tracks to assist with identifying unlicensed usage. Can you spot the differences?! Again, adding variations to your personal listening music versions is optional and not a requirement. 

Does this mean I can sell royalty-free versions of my track elsewhere?

No, this information does not permit an exclusive AudioJungle author to sell/license their AudioJungle portfolio elsewhere. It only applies to music you wish to sell for personal listening purposes that are already available for sale on your exclusive AudioJungle account.

What does this mean if I am a Non-Exclusive author?

Nothing new! It’s business as usual, you can continue to sell your music here on AudioJungle and anywhere else you choose for both personal or royalty-free use.

Can I promote my personal listening music version (e.g. on iTunes®) on my AudioJungle item page?

Unfortunately, no, sorry. We have a general rule that users are not permitted to promote external sites from any of their Marketplace item pages.

What if I already have music available for personal listening on iTunes®, and I am interested in licensing my music for commercial uses?

Welcome to AudioJungle! If you’re an independent artist or band who has already been selling music for personal listening on iTunes and similar platforms, you can now easily sign up for an exclusive author account on AudioJungle and start licensing your music to millions of buyers on the Envato Marketplaces!

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