Can I use Envato brands and trademarks?

Now and then someone asks us if they can use an Envato logo or refer to an Envato brand name. We have some basic principles that apply to these requests. These principles apply to uses by others of any of our many brands, logos and badges (marketplace names and logos, Tuts+, and so on).

a) Factual statements - permitted

Others are welcome to use our name and brands in a descriptive, accurate way using normal text, for example on a blog: “We sent an email to Envato support and the response was very helpful”, or on a site: “I am an Envato Elite author and I sell mainly on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon” or “I bought this from one of Envato’s Marketplaces sites, it’s great!

Of course, the statements must be accurate and truthful - and should not mislead anyone about whether they are associated with Envato or suggest any kind of sponsorship or endorsement by Envato.

b) Affiliate Referrals - permitted

Envato allows our community to use specific brands and logos to promote Envato and to make referrals. This Knowledgebase article explains what can be used and how.

c) Products and services of others – not permitted

We don’t allow others to use Envato brands and logos in:

  • domain name registrations;
  • app names;
  • product or user names; or any promotional statements about the products or services of others that indicate a sponsorship, association or endorsement with Envato.

What about using your API? 

We encourage users and our own community to develop products and services that utilize our API. While we do not discourage the creation of new products and services utilizing our API, it’s important to follow our trademark guidelines where branding is concerned. Please see our API Service Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why can’t I use Envato’s brands or trademarks, what’s the issue?

We are really grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our members but we have to say no to the use of our brands and trademarks because if we let others use them, they won’t distinguish Envato from anyone else. 

In marketing speak, a brand can been described as the emotional response and connection that people have with a trademark – its loyalty, trust and reputation. A trademark is something used to distinguish your business, and the goods or services that you offer, from other similar offerings in the marketplace. We hope that when people see our name, they know that they are getting something of a high standard.

Others can’t use our brand for a number of reasons:

  • First of all, it can ‘dilute’ our brand. If we can’t demonstrate exclusive use and control, it is hard to enforce our rights against others.
  • Secondly, when someone uses our brand it implies a sponsorship or endorsement by Envato – over things that we have no control over. This could confuse our community or hurt Envato’s reputation which could, in turn, reduce the credibility our community members.
  • Of course, our brand is also very valuable. There’s a lot of goodwill in our brand, logos, and trademarks and it would sad all round for that goodwill to diminish over time.

We’d like you to know that we’re really grateful for the support we get from our community. When we have to ask people to stop using our brands or trademarks it’s no reflection on our community and the products they make - it’s simply that we have to make sure that only Envato uses its brands, and to make sure our community doesn’t get confused about whether we’ve endorsed someone else. We give the same answer to anyone who asks if they can use one of Envato’s brand names or logos.

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