Why have Envato Marketplace Support moved to a new support system?

Our current system is outdated and we need to upgrade. We want to be able to do more with what we have, which means enhanced features, a cleaner look, and more customization options.

What does this mean for me?

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the transition is as seamless for you as possible, however you will notice some changes to the way things look, such as our “submit a ticket” page, and the way our emails look.

Is that all?

Not at all! We’re launching lean, which means that we’re starting out with some basic features in our new system, with the plan to enhance and build on it as we go. So you can expect to see more updates and changes over the coming months. Initially there will be no change to our Knowledgebase but we’ll be working towards updating this in the coming months.

Do I need to do anything differently if I need to contact you?

Absolutely not. You will still be able to access us via all the usual channels (support.envato.com and via email at support@envato.com), it will just be the look and feel that’s different.

I logged a request with you last week and then another one today. Why do the replies look different?

We still have some existing requests in our current system and they will remain there while we work to resolve them. Because they are being dealt with in a different system the look of our communication is slightly different but the content is the same. 

Can you tell us the name of this new system?

Sure we can. It’s called Zendesk and you can read more about it here if you’re interested.

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