Guidelines for using the Envato Market sites securely

Always use a strong password

Why is having a strong password important? If you use a simple password or the same password for multiple accounts, the chances of someone gaining access to your details is much higher.

You will notice that when you change your password on the Marketplaces, a little colored bar indicates if your password is weak, medium or strong. If it’s weak we suggest you change it!

How can make your password stronger?

It’s important to create a strong password that you won’t forget. You can do this by using a password generator or by making your invented passwords stronger. If you are making up your own, start with a sentence or a few words that mean something important to you.

You can remove the spaces between the words, turn words into shorthand or intentionally misspell a word. You can then add length with numbers that are meaningful to you after the sentence.

protecting your password

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Store your password securely

Use password managers like LastPass, Password Genie 4.0, 1Password and Dashlane to help you manage your passwords. If you access a variety of sites daily, this one is a no-brainer!

Change your password regularly

When you change your password it’s a good idea to make sure it is just as strong as your last. You can do this quickly and easily using a password manager, as they have the functionality help you generate and store your passwords.

Do not use a password that you use elsewhere

I get it, using the same password on multiple sites makes it easier to remember. Unfortunately it also leaves multiple accounts open for attack. Create a unique strong password for your envato account. Password managers make this easy to do and will store them for you, making sure you don’t forget.

When Using the marketplace on a public computer, always logout

Always ensure you log out after browsing Envato sites on a public computer.

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