WordPress Variations Policy

WordPress themes are sometimes built for different and specific purposes such as eCommerce. Quite often this extended functionality requires significant additional work in addition to the original standard theme. For this reason, we increase the price of these items according to the additional value being provided to authors.

However, a singular theme increasing in extended functionality and price then requires buyers to pay more than is necessary for the type of theme they are seeking. In some instances it is also more difficult for authors to create themes for multiple specific purposes, which can also be harder for buyers to work with.

For these reasons, variations of WordPress themes are permitted to be sold as new items if:

  • The theme is rebuilt for another platform (eg. Drupal)
  • It has been rebuilt to primarily serve the purpose of the extended functionality (eg. eCommerce)

“Lite” variations of WordPress themes will not be permitted. For a theme with extended functionality to be sold as a new item in the marketplaces, its primary purpose must be different from that of the standard theme and have had significant enough additions and modifications to constitute being sold as a new item. 

The Review team will determine whether a theme variation meets the necessary criteria to be sold as a new item.

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