MODX Theme Pricing

General Pricing

  • Low level of overall detail: $30 - $38
  • Medium level of overall detail: $40 - $48
  • High level of overall detail: $50 - $56

MODX Theme Requirements

MODX themes are packaged themes that are used in the MODX CMS. Refer to the following guidelines before submitting your MODX Theme.

Technical Requirements

  • All themes must be packaged using the Modx Theme Packager UI
  • When developing your theme, ensure all theme files and folders are inside the assets/ folder, preferably in assets/themes/name_of_theme/
  • Only MODX-installed files and directories should be in the document root, specifically:
    • assets/
    • connectors/
    • core/
    • manager/
    • config.core.php
    • ht.access
    • index.php
    • server installed files and folders such as .htaccess and cgi-bin/ are acceptable, as well as favicon.ico
    • 3rd-party software, such as phpMyAdmin, that may have installed files or folders in the document root, must be removed prior to packaging

Submission Requirements

  • All themes must be packaged using the Modx Theme Packager UI
  • Package Name, Version, and Release type are required fields during packaging.
  • Submissions must include the generated file
  • The generated filename must not be modified in any way
  • Theme must include all assets needed to generate the site, inside the assets/ folder

Documentation Requirements

Written documentation is required to help buyers with installation and setup.

  • The full installation process of the theme must be documented
  • Examples of how to utilize any advanced features must be documented
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