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Envato is extremely fortunate to have a huge community with highly engaged users. Part of our community’s time on our Marketplaces is spent on the forums, our common grounds for communication. In order to clarify the different roles and responsibilities of the various people and roles that post in our forums we hope you find the following information useful.

Below you will find a clear description of each staff member role and what you should look for in identifying them in a forum discussion! 

The Roles

Staff - This role represents individuals employed by Envato, either working in our headquarters in Melbourne, or as remote staff all over the world. They will do everything in their power to assist whenever necessary, but please bear in mind that their specific area of expertise and capacity to assist can vary.

Look for: Staff

Badge: staff badge

Developers - Are staff members ensuring our Marketplaces run smoothly. They also often handle bug reports. Consequently, due to the much needed attention for the backend of our Marketplaces, our developers’ presence in the forums might be minimal. Please send in your bug reports via Support.

Look for: Dev

Badge: Dev badge

Community Team - Are champions of our community and they are responsible for ensuring the voice of our Community is heard and represented throughout all levels of Envato. They are very active on the public forums and always assist directly where possible, otherwise they will make sure an appropriate staff member is notified of the discussion.

Look for: Staff

Support - Are responsible for all support-related inquiries. They might drop by to help in the forums from time to time, but generally, if you’d like the fastest response time to any particular issue, it’s always best to open a ticket via

Look for: Staff

Badge: Badge

Reviewers - Are staff members who are specifically engaged in reviewing item submissions to each of our Marketplaces. Their main area of expertise varies depending on the specific Marketplace for which they review submissions. Please keep in mind that due to the large number of items they have to review on a daily basis, their presence in the forums might not always be noticeable. If you ever have any issues pertaining to our review process, please contact Support.

Look for: Reviewer

Badge: Badge

Volunteer Moderators - Are volunteers from our community of authors and buyers who are passionate about Envato and its community. So much so, that they kindly dedicate their personal time to help their fellow community members find answers and solutions to their questions. Voluntary Moderators are not paid in any way and their personal opinions do not reflect any official position of Envato or its Marketplaces. Their sole responsibility is that of ensuring discussions are kept civil, and where needed, they will inform the appropriate staff.

Look for: Volunteer Moderator

Badge: Badge

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