Ghost Themes Submission Requirements

Ghost is a completely customizable and open source platform solely dedicated to blogging, allowing users to easily write and publish their own blogs. Please refer to the following guidelines before submitting items to the Ghost Themes category on ThemeForest.

Upload Requirements

  • Submissions must include a single Ghost Theme, consisting of a series of .hbs handlebars files, along with all of the necessary stylesheets, scripts, images, fonts and other assets required by the theme.
  • Submissions may also optionally include Layered PSD files to allow users to customize the theme images.
  • The item must include documentation.
  • Item previews must include rendered screenshots of all template layouts.
  • You must provide a URL to a live preview demonstrating your theme’s functionality on your own server.
  • The item description must list and link to any non-standard or 3rd party fonts/scripts/assets used in your theme. If you include the 3rd party fonts/scripts/assets in your theme .ZIP package, ensure you have the legal rights to do so.
  • Include a message to the reviewer in the upload comment box specifying if your Ghost Theme is based off one of your existing ThemeForest items (e.g. a Wordpress Theme or Site Template), including a link to the existing item.

Technical Requirements

  • Ghost themes must be written in the handlebars templating language.
  • Themes must include a default.hbs, index.hbs, and post.hbs handlebars files.
  • Classes and IDs must be properly scoped to avoid clashes (e.g. “#themename-my-id”)
  • New submissions and theme updates must be compatible with the latest public minor release of Ghost.
  • Theme internal folder structure should follow this general format:
    • /theme-name
      • default.hbs
      • index.hbs
      • post.hbs
      • /partials
      • /assets
      • /css
        • style.css
        • post.css
      • /fonts
      • /images
      • /js
  • The main theme folder must be the name of your theme.
  • Theme names must be lowercase, and contain letters, numbers and hyphens only (e.g. “my-ghost-theme”)

Documentation Requirements

Written documentation is required to help buyers with installation, setup, and customization.

  • The full installation process of the theme must be documented.
  • Sample content and any advanced styling/layout instructions must be included in the documentation.
  • Any non-standard or 3rd party fonts/scripts/assets used in your theme must be listed, linked to, and appropriately credited in the documentation.
  • Theme version notes must be documented, including:
    • Version number
    • Date of release
    • List of all updates and fixes included in the release
    • Past version history
  • Refer to the ThemeForest General File Preparation Guidelines for instructions on how to format your documentation.

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