What information is shown on my statement?

Your statement is a list of all transactions and any activity that has altered your account balance. It contains information on all your sales, purchases, deposits, withdrawals, changes to exclusivity, referral program earnings and reversals. Here are some of the terms you may see on your statement:


Congratulations! This means that an item you're selling on the Marketplaces has been purchased. Sales are recorded on your statement along with information to tell you exactly which item was purchased and the amount you will receive from the sale.  

Referral Cut

Anyone with an Envato Account can use their referral code to earn money by referring new users to the Marketplaces. If that user visits via your referral code, creates an account and makes a deposit or purchase, you will receive a fee equivalent to 30% of the amount they spent. This is displayed as a referral cut on your statement. 


If you've requested a payout from your Marketplace earnings, this will show up as a withdrawal on your statement. 

Sale Reversal

This means that a sale transaction that has been reversed by the payment providers (PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill or credit card company), who have investigated via their own channels and determined that unauthorised or fraudulent activity occurred. When the payment providers reverse the transaction, this is reflected on as a deduction marked 'sale reversal' on your statement. When a sale reversal occurs, the purchasing user's account is automatically disabled, and their purchase code becomes invalid. More information about sale reversals is available here

Other Adjustment Earnings

In rare cases, you may see an amount marked other adjustment earnings on your statement. This means that Envato Marketplaces staff have manually carried out a sale reversal or other adjustment to your statement. In these cases you will be contacted by our support staff—if you have not received an email, please check your email's spam/junk folder and then get in touch with the Envato Support team


Any time you add prepaid credits to your account, it will show up as a deposit on your statement. The expiry date listed beside that deposit indicates when your credits will expire, but you can extend this expiry date by sending a request to Envato Support. 


All your purchased items will be listed on your statement, along with the relevant Buyer Fee, any applicable Handling Fees and whether it was purchased with either prepaid credits or Buy Now. 

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