Aperture Preset Submission Requirements

Refer to the following guidelines before submitting Aperture presets to GraphicRiver.
  • Submitted packs may not have more than 50 presets in them.

Technical Requirements

  • Presets must work with Aperture 3.0+. Versions of Aperture that were released before 3.0 will not be supported. 
  • All Aperture presets must be saved as .AdjustmentPresets files.

Documentation Requirements

To meet our minimum requirements for documentation, your help file must include:

  1. A list of all the presets ("looks") included in the file with the following information:
    • The preset name.
    • The file type the preset was designed to be used with. There can be more than one file type. A few example file types are: RAW, DNG, JPG, PNG, etc.
    • Some presets will not work well with certain types of pictures (over- or underexposed, no background, etc.). Document these picture types with each preset when applicable.
  2. Version Notes with the following information:
    • Date of version release
    • Updates included in the release
    • Version history

Description Requirements

  • List the compatible file types, as well as any known picture types that your preset may not work well with (over- or underexposed, no background, etc.)
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