Graphics Category Submission Requirements

General Technical Requirements

  • File can be RGB or CMYK. CMYK is preferable when a file is intended for print. 
  • PSD, JPEG and PNG are acceptable formats. 
  • Items in this category can include smart objects from Adobe Illustrator, but should not be completely made of files exported from Illustrator.
  • Graphic items that are layered should be labelled in English, in an organized manner (using logical groups and layers).
  • Ensure that fonts used in the item are correctly licensed, and are documented in the item description and inside a help file within the main .zip.
  • No preview images or graphics that are not part of the product and thumbnails should be included in the archive.
  • Files using CS5 and upwards (i.e those making use of new or upgraded features in Photoshop) should be clearly marked in the preview image and description.

Sub-Category Specific Requirements


  • Minimum of 1200 pixels at 72 DPI.
  • Print version 300 DPI.
  • Can not be unmodified photos.

Product Mock-Ups

Product mock-ups are items created to help designers demo designs and products. Submissions should not include items meant to be used in any capacity other than a demonstration.

  • Files should be easily editable
  • The file should make use of layer masks, smart objects, smart filters and non-destructive techniques.
  • Smart objects are optional. The main focus should be non-destructive techniques and making a file as editable and customizable as possible.
  • Masks should be executed technically and aesthetically to a high standard. They should be tested to ensure they work for the buyer.
  • Any layer masks or photo manipulation should be of good quality. The masking should be clean and sharp, where style appropriate.
  • Viewing angles and perspectives must look realistic and visually correct.


  • Illustrations should be created within Photoshop.
  • The file should have a transparent background or a separate layer.
  • Illustrations must be layered as fully as possible. These files should be heavily reliant on making the file as editable and customizable for the buyer.  
  • No destructive techniques like merging layers or groups should be used.

Photo Templates

  • File should be in PSD file format.
  • File should be made up of smart objects and layers.
  • Files should be made utilizing smart objects and filters.
  • Actions should not be included in these items as these are better suited to the Add-ons > Photoshop category.


  • Files should have transparent backgrounds or a separate layer.
  • The individual elements need to be cut and isolated well for reuse. Edges should be clean and have no artifacting (like when using magic wand tool etc).

3D Renders

  • Files should be 3D renders from Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D.
  • A PSD file is a mandatory inclusion. JPEGs are optional.
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