Envato's Most Wanted: Terms & Conditions (Past)

(Effective prior to 5th December 2013)

"Envato’s Most Wanted" is an occasional event we run on the Envato marketplaces that gives authors an opportunity to win "cash" prizes in exchange for submitting specific content we are in need of. We post a "Most Wanted" notice in the forums and/or on our blog, Envato Notes, explaining what kind of files we're looking for and where to upload them. The first authors who submit a file meeting all our criteria, that is subsequently approved, win! So in short, it's race to see who can submit quality content the fastest based on what we're looking for.

Authors entering this giveaway should be mindful of the following:

  • The total prize fund and number of winners may vary between each Most Wanted giveaway. The period during which the “Bounty” (total prize fund) is offered starts on the day the Most Wanted post is made and ends on the date specified in the announcement (“competition period”). All this information is stated in each Most Wanted announcement.
  • All contest winners MUST keep their item online and available for sale on our marketplace for a minimum of 2 years from the final approval date.
  • Authors continue to receive their normal commission rate on each sale.
  • “Cash” prizes are paid by PayPal or Moneybookers only. Authors should ensure they have either of these payment vehicles available prior to entering the giveaway. No alternative payment arrangements are possible.
  • The number of total prizes any one author is eligible to win in any one Most Wanted giveaway is stated in each announcement and may differ from event to event. An author will be unable to win ALL of the Bounty, only part of the available Bounty, based on the individual event posting. For example, a competition may offer a $100 reward for the first 20 items in a category, with a maximum of 3 prizes per author. If the author submits more than one item in the competition period, the author can get up to three $100 prizes ($300 of the total $2000 Bounty) based on submission date of approved items.
  • Prizes are only given to APPROVED items based on the submission (upload) date of finally approved items. Items that are rejected due to not meeting ANY of our standard file preparation or quality criteria (see our marketplace upload instructions) are not eligible for prizes. But if an initially rejected item is improved or fixed, resubmitted during the competition period and then subsequently approved, the item becomes eligible for the giveaway. The eligibility date is based on the submission date of the finally approved item, NOT the submission date of earlier rejected versions of an item. Our decisions on whether items meet approval criteria are final.
  • NO correspondence or inquiries regarding status of prizes shall be made to staff or support. We will post all winning usernames/authors in the forums and/or Envato Notes and we will contact all winners directly.
  • To be eligible, authors submitting items during the competition period must complete an online authorization form and agreement by the end of the competition period. The form provides for payment details. It also contains an agreement for authors to agree that if they win a prize, they will keep the winning item on our marketplaces for a minimum of 2 year from approval. For practical reasons, we can't follow up with authors who haven't completed their payment details and approved the agreement. If an author has not completed this step before the end of the period, their item will not be eligible for a prize regardless of when it was submitted. So hurry over to this link and complete this step after submitting your item:
    Envato's Most Wanted Entry Agreement
  • We reserve the right to move items incorrectly uploaded to the requested category to their correct category, which may impact eligibility for Envato’s Most Wanted.
  • Multiple entries from the same author in any one Envato's Most Wanted event must generally be unique, that is, different from one another. Some exceptions may apply, but we reserve the right to declare submissions void and ineligible for the Most Wanted event, if multiple items by the same author are too similar to one another.
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