How do I give feedback on items?

How to Give Feedback on Items

There are three ways you can provide an author with feedback on their items. 

Rate the Item

On your Downloads page you will find a list of every file you have purchased. After you have downloaded an item, below the download button will be an option to provide a star rating out of five (five being best, and one being worst).

By rating the item you have purchased you will help other buyers gauge the quality of the file. We also ask you to give a reason for your rating and any additional comments you might have and we require it for ratings of 3 or less stars.

ratings on downloads page

Comment on the Item

Every item page has an area beneath the main details area for comments. Anyone can place a comment, including people who have not yet purchased the item, however as a buyer your comments will be flagged as such with a small banner to the top right.

The comments area is great for asking the author questions, getting clarifications, giving feedback or suggestions or simply letting the author and other buyers know how you felt the item performs.

If an item does not work as stated, then you can request a full refund by contacting support.

Need to contact the author? Details here.

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