How can I get support for an item which isn’t working correctly?

How to get support for an item which isn’t working correctly?

Steps to take when troubleshooting an issue with a file:

  1. Read the help documentation
  2. Check the discussion on the item page
  3. See if the author offers support
  4. If there is a bug or the file does not work as described, contact Support

The author isn’t responding to my questions.

Whilst we do encourage authors to provide support for their products, they are under no obligation to do so, and this is entirely their choice. This is part of the reason why files on the marketplace are so cheap. Because of this we provide you with live, working examples that you can examine prior to purchase, you are also encouraged to ask questions before you buy the file. Even though not all authors provide Support, Envato requires that all items on our Marketplaces work 100% as described.

This file isn’t working the way it was described or has a bug.

All files go through a thorough review process prior to being approved, but occasionally problems can slip through the cracks. If you believe that there is an issue with a file you have purchased, then please contact Support and we will investigate. Remember to include as much detail as possible to expedite the process.

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