Business Card Templates

Business Card Templates

To make it as easy as possible to prepare and submit your business card designs to GraphicRiver, we have created several templates for your convenience. Our 3.5" x 2" templates are all in CMYK and 300dpi format. They also all contain an industry standard Bleed, Trim Line and Safe Zone to ensure all business card designs will print perfectly when it comes time to printing them.

Download Our Templates

Simply download one of the templates below before you begin your design and use the guides inside each file to ensure your design is not only ready for GraphicRiver but also ready for printing purposes as soon as a customer purchases your design! Remember: Extend the background of your design to the Bleed line but ensure any text, logos or content is positioned entirely within the Safe Zone and away from the Trim Line.

3.5" x 2" (Horizontal)

Photoshop PSD | InDesign INDD | EPS Format

2" x 3.5" (Vertical)

Photoshop PSD | InDesign INDD | EPS Format

Non-standard Size Business Cards

If you would like to create and sell a non-standard business card size on GraphicRiver, you can! Simply ensure your design contains a 0.125" space between the Safe Zone and Trim Line and then another 0.125" space between the Trim Line and Bleed.

Submit your Design

Once you've downloaded the template and created your design, you may submit it to GraphicRiver. Please also see our full GraphicRiver file preparation guidelines for further information.

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